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I Don't Do Vintage!

By Di, Jan 27 2017 03:57PM

I love to sew

I love to have comfortable clothes

I like to exercise

I like to be outside

It's not that I don't like vintage dresses, they look great on other people, they're just not for me. I have one lovely 50's style dress, but I'm always having Marilyn Monroe moments when the wind blows!

As much as I like well finished garments I really don't need many dresses. I'm much more likely to wear separates! Separates suit my life style.

I can't be the only one who finds the free dress patterns on sewing magazines and the emphasis on vintage just doesn't suit their interests? It's one of the things that puts me off buying the magazines.

My sewing this week includes finishing off a flower girls dress in duchess satin and organza,

a Lycra tango skirt

and altering my neighbours £170 motor cycling jeans made from highly technical materials including covex. My sewing is rather diverse! Before I started on the trousers(my neighbour works away, so she's in no rush for them) I tailored a wool waistcoat for myself. A lovely wool from using Burda 7769

The back was redesigned to make it longer and a back vent added.

I am really pleased with it, the style, the cloth the quality. I like to layer up clothes and this works perfectly. It was going to be a quick make, but I couldn't resist some tailoring techniques, including hand worked buttonholes.

I now need to make a shirt from the liberty lawn I bought from at the NEC last year!

I recently wrote a guest post for how to give your home made clothes the 'You Made That' factor.

My next post will be Learn to Buttonhole Stitch - a Garment Makers best Friend

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