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Putting in an Invisible Zip.

By Di, Jul 11 2015 04:38PM

Draw a line on the WS of the zip tape 2.5cm from the end stop.

Place the zip on the WS of the fabric so that the top of the slider is 17mm below the top edge of the fabric. The teeth must be on the seam line.

Pin the tape to the seam allowance(one layer of fabric only)

Zig Zag stitch one side of the zip tape to the edge of the seam allowance, stopping at the line marked on the tape.

Carefully match the top edge of the opening and any other seams. Pin at right angles to the zip to keep seams from moving.

Zig zag the other zip tape to the other side of the opening.


Use an invisible zip foot to stitch one side of the zip to the fabric.

Roll the teeth open so that they feed under the zipper foot. Stitch as close to the teeth as you can.

Stop at the marked line.

Close the zip to check you have stitched close enough to the teeth.


Stitch the other side of the zip stopping at the marked line.

Close the zip to check any seams match across the zip.

Secure the ends of the stitching.

Stitching the seam

Use a pin to match the end of the stitching at both sides of the zip.

Keep the end of the zip tape out of the way.

Use a zipper foot.

Begin stitching exactly at the same place you finished stitching the zip. Machine for about 2cm. Finish the seam with the normal machine foot.

Oct 5 2015 07:39PM by Linda

I love how simple you've made this. The diagrams make it really easy to understand. Thanks!

Oct 7 2015 04:38PM by diofheage

Thanks Linda, that is really good to hear and helpful to me as well. Di

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