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Use Your Bought Clothes to Help Achieve a Better Fit When Sewing

By Di, Aug 9 2019 01:52PM

If you own clothes that you know fit you it's not difficult to measure them and compare these sizes to your dressmaking patterns.

Download my chart to keep a record of measurements of different items from my Tutorials page.

Different types of clothes need more room, often called EASE, than others.

eg coats are larger than tops because they fit over the top of everyday wear. Knit garments are often smaller because they rely on the fabric to stretch.

Use my chart to guide you through which areas to measure.

How to Measure Your Pattern

Most patterns have some finished sizes printed on the pattern tissue, envelope or in the introduction section of the instructions.

Measure each pattern piece remembering to subtract the seam allowances.

Add the measurements together.

Multiply by 2.

This isn't a perfect answer to fitting patterns, but it can help with deciding which size pattern to begin with

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